Happy New Year! We hope you have enjoyed the festive season and have made the most of the commercial opportunities associated with Christmas.


Now the January sales are underway, you are probably thinking about how to design the layout of your store for the New Year ahead. It’s important that your store is visually enticing to help you sell products as quickly as possible and make a significant income.

Maxmise your shop floor in 2017!

At Shopfit Design, we have numerous tricks up our sleeve that can help you make the most of your shop floor. From fixtures and fittings, to lighting and other shop furniture, we can help you ensure your shop is as captivating and successful as it can be!

Shopfit Design have a range of products and display ideas that can help you make the most of your shop floor in 2017.


Shop shelving is essential to house numerous versions of the same product and organise your stock in order of sale importance and customer demand.

Our shop shelving offers great value for money and can be installed in various stores, no matter what the size, layout, or purpose of your shop.

Light pockets and panels

Light pockets and panels are popular for use in Estate Agents and other types of stores including takeaways and businesses that offer a service.

The light pockets and panels from Shopfit Design are a great way to display information, menus and more. They can be used to emphasise your premium products and display any necessary information about products and services.

Light pockets and panels are available in a range of different colours and sizes to help you create a display that fits within your shop.

Retail Furniture

Retail furniture is an essential part of any store and can be used to display various products, as well as highlight different focal points within your store. Shopfit Design specialise in bespoke retail furniture which is constructed from a range of different materials that are all heavy duty and beautifully finished.

Our experts can design retail furniture and install it to help you maximise your sales and the overall appeal of your store. Retail furniture ranges from greeting card displays, display cabinets, counters and more.

Contact us at Shopfit Design

Shopfit Design are experts when it comes to interior layouts of stores and sales potential. You can contact the team online for more information on how to improve your sales by changing the layout of your store. You can also get in touch directly on 01623 652724 or 07980 657 478.