Window displays are the first point of contact with potential customers, so it is crucial to ensure you create a big enough impression to entice them inside.


You should use visual merchandising as an effective marketing tool that can make you money and help your business to succeed. The display should tell potential customers what your business sells or the services it provides, meaning you get custom from those passers-by that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Display products for your shop

One way to capture the attention of a passer-by is through lighting. A bright and vibrant display is bound to make an impression and highlight your bestselling, or most popular products.

For a sleek and effective window, why not consider miniature low-voltage spotlights?

If your shop is more service based, or your window display consists of posters, use LED light pockets to display your graphics. Whether you own a restaurant, an estate agents, a recruitment agency or building society, light pockets are effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Another useful method to make the most from your window display, is to use levels and layers. By placing products at different heights and depths of the window bay, passers-by get the opportunity to see a wide range of your items without being overwhelmed.

Use towers and shelving to create an appealing and attractive display. Shop shelving online now.

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