Newsagents are the unsung hero of any local community as they provide an array of products from magazines and newspapers to groceries and sundries. Make sure that your shop stands out with Shopfit’s range of sleek display stands.

How can Shopfit help your Newsagents?

Shopfit can help you and your business, whether you want a complete remodel or a small touch up in your shop. We promise we will offer advice and guidance throughout the whole process, from offering a free consultation at your newsagent or off licence to installation and finishing touches. So what products are right for you?

Affordable Newspaper & Magazine Displays

Shopfit have teamed up with Bartuf to deliver a practical yet stylish range of displays and towers specifically designed for newspapers and magazines, which can be fitted for as little as £220 per bay. Bartuf’s designs add a splash of modernity to any space they are in and are all eligible for a free fitting when you order online. See the full range of Bartuf display stands here.

The Right Shelving Can Improve Sales

Any shop will need shelving to display their products, and Shopfit offer a wide range of durable and affordable shelving solutions. Impulse counters are popular with small retailers, usually situated next to or as part of the check-out counter. Impulse counters are excellent for displaying snacks such as crisps or confectionary for customers who are after a last-minute bite to eat. Browse through our different designs of impulse counters, or if you are more interested in our collection of shelves, peruse our range here.

Card and Gift Displays

Display your greetings cards and gifts in a display suited to your store’s requirements. Whether you stock cards, gifts, or gift wrapping, Shopfit Design offer a unique range of storage solutions. Our flatpack display is excellent for smaller convenience stores, or if you’re feeling ambitious, the twenty-tier card rack offers a larger display with a discreet design. Explore Shopfit’s full range of card and gift displays here.

Contact Shopfit for a Free Consultation

Shopfit are happy to provide you with a free consultation at the location of your retail space to discuss the best products and dimensions for you and your shop. Whether you are a small village shop or have a larger, urban space, there is something for everyone across our range of retail furniture. Contact Shopfit today using our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or you can call us on 01623 652724  to speak to a member of our team.