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Terms & Conditions



"We", "us", "our", "SDM", means ‘Shopfit Design & Management Ltd.’.
"You", "your", "the Customer" means the person ordering products under these terms and conditions.
"Working days" means all days other than Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. 
"Product(s)" and “Goods” means the product/products or goods you have ordered from us.


1.       Unless specifically stated otherwise, all product prices on our web-site do not include VAT, even where VAT is applicable.

2.       All products remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.

3.       Delivery dates are given in good faith.  However, they are only estimates and, unless we provide written confirmation of a specific delivery date, we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries.  The Customer does not have the right to cancel an order due to late delivery unless such written confirmation has been provided.

4.       We continually endeavour to source better quality and better priced products.  Accordingly, we reserve the right to change, modify, remove or substitute from time to time, without notice, any product or information on this web-site.

5.       Deliveries - Customers are reminded that certain goods (metal shelving, slat panels, etc.) are shipped on pallets and that the buyer will be deemed responsible for providing facilities for off-loading delivery vehicles.

6.       Returns will not normally be accepted.  Where, totally at our discretion, we make an exception to this rule, returns will only be accepted by prior agreement with ourselves.  In such case the return delivery will be arranged by the Customer, at the Customer’s expense and a restocking charge of up to 25% of the goods’ value will be made.  This policy will not take away the Customer’s legal rights.

7.       Deliveries made with damage or shortage must be reported by 12 noon the following day.  Failure to report under the terms of this Condition will result in no obligation on the part of the Company. As our carriers have varied policies as to claims for damage, unless goods are inspected upon delivery they should be signed for as unexamined; otherwise a claim may not be entertained. Goods signed for by the Customer indicates acceptance of such goods.

8.       Liability for damaged products will only extend as far as their invoice value (excluding VAT).

9.       It is the Customer’s responsibility, before placing an order to check that the specification and suitability of the goods are correct.  Products are not sold on a trial basis. 

10.    Stock levels cannot be guaranteed. If any product is out of stock, you will be notified accordingly and alternatives suggested.

11.    Privacy Policy - All information gained from the Customer will only be held in our database and solely used in the processing of orders.  No information will be passed to any third party unless a legal obligation occurs whereupon the Customer will be notified that such disclosure is to be made. The exception to this is that any telephone number provided may be passed on to a delivery company to enable them to arrange delivery with you.


Passing of Risk and Title


 12. (a)   Notwithstanding the provision of clause 13, the works and the client’s premises in which they are carried out together with any plant and tools and goods and equipment from the time they are delivered to any entrance to the premises shall be at the sole risk of client as regards loss or damage. The client shall indemnify SDM against any such loss or damage and shall be entitled to charge in addition to the Total Amount for the restoration and replacement of and works or goods damaged or lost.

 12.  (b)   The client shall insure the works and the clients premises and all plant and tools and goods and equipment against loss or damage by fire, storm, theft, riot and such other risks as are prudent in the circumstances in an insurance office of repute for the full value thereof and shall on request produce to SDM the certificate of such insurance and the receipt of the last payment of premium and in the event of such loss or damage the client shall apply all monies received by virtue of such insurance in satisfying his obligations hereunder and shall make up any deficit out of his own monies.


Force Majeure


13. SDM shall be relieved from liability hereunder if and to the extent that it may become unable to carry out all or any of its obligations as a result of any event or matter beyond its reasonable control including (but not limited to)

(a)   strikes, lockouts, inclement weather, government controls;

(b)   late delivery of materials or equipment from suppliers;

(c)   damage to glass or other materials after being fixed on site;

(d)   damage to, or defects in, goods or works outside the reasonable control of SDM;

(e)   delays caused by any change in the terms of the relevant contract;

(f)    damage to goods arising through fire, flood, vandalism, or negligence of the client, the client’s employees or agents.




14. Without prejudice to any other rights to terminate agreement SDM will be entitled to terminate any contract to supply any goods, equipment, materials or services to a client if:

(a)   such client is in breach of any other agreement with SDM or:

(b)   such client shall have a receiver appointed of the whole or any part of its assets or an order is made or a resolution for the winding up of the client or if such client shall convene a meeting of and propose or enter into any agreement with its creditors.




15. Clause headings are for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation of these terms.

16. No failure or relaxation by SDM of any of its rights under any contract operate as a waiver of such right.

17. SDM may assign or sub-contract all or any part of its rights and obligations hereunder. A client may not assign or purport to assign the benefit of all or any part of any contract interest therein.

18. If any provision contained in these conditions shall be held by a court of law to be unenforceable then it shall be deemed to be severed to the extent that it is unenforceable in order to render the remaining provisions enforceable.

19. Any communication in respect of any contract must be in writing and may be effected by personal delivery, fax or first class post and shall in the case of the first class post 48 hours after the date of posting. Notices sent by post shall be srent to the address of the parties set out on the front of this order form or if a substitute address is notified in writing to the other for such purpose after the date of this contract the to such substituted address.

 20. Shopfit Design & Management Limited registered in England and Wales (registration no.5720032).                     VAT no. 877 8157 63.

 21. Orders placed outside of normal working days will be processed at the start of the following working day. 

 22. Deliveries can only be made to UK mainland business addresses. At our discretion, we may agree to work with your own collection arrangements. Please telephone us to discuss this.



Category A: Modular Display Shelving


Minimum carriage charge £20.00
< £75.00                                  £20.00
£75.00 – 150.00                      £37.50
£150.01 – 250.00                    £50.00
£250.01 – 500.00                    £60.00
£500.01 – 750.00                    £75.00
£750.01-1000.00                     £90.00
>£1000.01                               9.5%


Category B: News & Magazine Shelving


Minimum carriage charge £20.00
< £75.00                                  £20.00
£75.00 – 150.00                      £37.50
£150.01 – 250.00                    £50.00
£250.01 – 500.00                    £60.00
£500.01 – 750.00                    £75.00
£750.01-1000.00                     £90.00
>£1000.01                               9.5%


Category C: Slatwall & Plain Wall Cladding


£70.00 per 10 sheets upto and including (eg. 11 – 20 sheets = £110.00)


Category D: Counters, cabinets


Anywhere in UK : free delivery


Category E: Other Shelving


Same rates as Category 1 (some products may be
included with Category 1 for carriage purposes)


Category F: Accessories


0 - £500.00                    15% (minimum £20.00)
£500.00+                       10%



  • Wherever possible SDM will deliver from stock.
  • Delivery charges to other addresses are subject to quotation. Delivery times given are only estimates.
  • SDM will only be held liable for damaged goods when signed for as ‘received damaged’. All damages and/or short delivery must be notified within 1 working days (please sign for all goods unexamined).
  • Off loading – the buyer will be deemed responsible for providing facilities for off-loading delivery vehicles.


  • Goods are not sold on a trial basis. Customers should check specifications and suitability before ordering.   SDM does not warrant the suitability of goods for specific applications.
  • Goods supplied to you by special order that are not listed on our website may not be returned unless they are faulty or damaged on delivery.
  • Goods which have been incorrectly ordered or are unsuitable will only be accepted for return with prior approval from SDM. Returned goods will only be accepted within 7 days of delivery, if they are correctly packed in the original packaging, with original manuals and have not been used. A restocking charge of 25% will be levied on all such goods.
  • Goods may not be returned without prior authorisation and a Goods Return Authorisation number from SDM. This can be obtained by contacting our customer service team on 01623-652724.
  • Customers are responsible for returning goods, ensuring returned goods are suitable packed and obtaining necessary proof of delivery and receipt.

Conditions of Use

All orders are subject to our full terms and conditions of sale, which are available on request. All prices are correct at the time of publishing. SDM reserves the right to amend pricing and all pricing shall be confirmed at the time of order. E&OE.

Whilst every effort has been made to provide current photographs, descriptions and specifications SDM and all featured manufacturers reserve the right to change specifications, illustrations, model numbers and appearance of any item without prior notification and therefore will not be held responsible for any variations.




Unless otherwise stated all goods carry a twelve-month warranty. Customers must use the warranty arrangements specifically provided.

Where an on-site visit is deemed necessary under the terms of the warranty the cost of the visit will be borne by SDM. Whilst every effort is made to determine the cause of a fault before sending an engineer on site it is not always possible to make a correct diagnosis.

In the event that the fault is due to customer neglect, failure to operate or maintain the equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions, accidental damage or abuse then SDM cannot be held responsible for the cost of the engineers visit.

Any such cost will be charged to the customer. Wherever possible a copy of the engineer’s report will be provided.




All disputes arising from this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of England & Wales.