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Multi Suspended LED Light Pockets & Panels

Use Multi Pocket Light Panels / Light Pockets, Double, Triple or Quadruple where space is tight. This range has several pockets on one panel, reducing the amount of space needed. Multi Pocket Light Panels / Light Pockets work in the same way as the other Light Panel ranges. They use low voltage LEDs which have a minimum life expectancy of 60,000-100,000 hours, due to their long life they are maintenance free. They will illuminate any graphic printed on standard paper or Dura Trans paper, which enables you to change the display as often as you like! There are no dark shadows due to the unique design of the light panel which ensures an even distribution of light. The graphics can be changed easily by simply slotting them in and out of the front and back pockets, there is no need for tools. The light panels use energy efficient LEDs that are extremely bright and won't cost the earth to leave them switched on, which will draw attention to your display day and night, therefore encouraging more potential customers to your window. The bevelled edges also have the appearance that they are glowing which will give your display the wow factor. For best results we recommend that Dura Trans or Back Lit paper is used inside the pockets as this will help to distribute the light evenly. Light Panels are ideal for use in Estate Agents, Building Societies, Banks, Beauticians, Restaurants, High Street Retailers and offices. We are able to offer a made to measure service. Why not add your logo, or match your brand colours? We can etch your logo design on to the Light Panels so that it appears to glow. For more information please call 01623 652724 for enquiries and orders.

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