Till Stands

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Till Stands


Having a practical method to keep any retail equipment properly supported can be achieved with ease using any of our well-designed till stands. This is the best solution in order to keep a suitable level of tidiness and functionality across your store at all times.


Your cash registers can be the focal point of your store, which is why the use of till stands is of paramount importance. They will be placed at a suitable height in which you can serve customers and handle money while capturing the right attention to improve your rate of sales.


Many of our till stands also provide sturdy platforms to not only carry heavy registers but allow for ease and convenience for customers, offering a spot to place down their items that they intend to purchase or on which they can pack up their products. Depending on the theme and style of your store, you will want to make sure you have a design that fits the overall look of your establishment. That’s why we have a wide selection of designs that cater for any kind of décor.

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Practical Checkout Stands For Retail Stores


Making sure you have put in place one of our checkout stands will make your store run smoothly and make the process of interacting with the general public that much easier. People are always looking for excellent customer-service when they arrive at the checkout, and having polished checkout stands is certain to impress.,


All of our designs can be assembled with ease and are certain to provide a long-lasting and quality finish throughout the entirety of their time within your store. We only use the strongest and most robust materials to configure any of our designs, which means your checkout stands will be able to endure the rigorous nature of the retail industry.


What Till Stands Do We Offer?


When it comes to choosing which till stands are the most appropriate for your store, you simply need to work out which design would best suit your style of business. For example, small-scale stores will probably opt for our Self Assembly Till Stand, which boasts a primitive size and an incredibly competitive price at just £156 incl. tax.

  Larger sized operations will be better suited to our Stepped Display Counter With Till Point model. This design comes with a three-tier display which is perfect for enticing customers into making that final extra purchase when they are visiting the checkout.


Finally, we have the Economy Checkout Counter, which has been specially designed for retail establishments. Any customers will be able to comfortably rest their shopping onto a provided platform, where you can easily grab items and then scan them through your till. You also have the option to customise your design to suit the aesthetic of your building, since we provide a number of timber finishes, which includes: Ash, Beech, Cream, Oak, Maple, and Walnut.


More information about our range of models can be given by contacting any member of our dedicated team on 01623 652724 / 07980 657 478. We have an incredible range of designs that are certain to add stability to any retail establishment.