LED Light Pocket – the new way to illuminate posters

Light Pockets are an eye-catching way to illuminate your posters and graphics that add sparkle and interest drawing attention to your promotional messages.

Position in the window or interior of your premises. Make stunning window displays or use the double-sided units to create partitions within your premises. Single sided units are excellent for brightening up dark areas of a room.

The LED light box that will ‘wow’ your clients – ultra bright – maintenance free

Transform the appearance of your premises with ultra slim LED light boxes that are only 14 mm thick. The floating LED light boxes look different from anything else on the market. The Light Pocket is suspended from almost invisible powered cables which are fitted between floor and ceiling.


Energy Efficient – the Light Pocket – uses a fraction of electricity compared with standard light boxes

Maintenance Free – due to the Light Boxes extremely long lamp life – you will never have to change any lamps – your Light Pocket will always be illuminated. Estimated lamp life 60-100, 000 hrs, in other words, it will last up to 5 years running 24 hours a day.

Easy to change posters Change the graphics in seconds – just slide in and out of the panel no tools required.

Aesthetically pleasing The glowing white edges of the specially shaped light panels enhance the appearance of the unit and draw the eye to the illuminated poster doubling the impact of the LED Light Box.

No complicated wiring A truly easy product to install all you need is a 3 pin socket. Just plug the power supply in and you have an illuminated display. No need to chase out walls. Plus you can easily change the height of your Light Pocket.

Economical The Light Panel is extremely competitively priced to start with, but then you need to take into account the saving on electricity and also the saving on labour costs you would have in changing lamps in old style light boxes – the end results is that you have an illuminated Light Box that costs you practically nothing to run. The units are supplied in single or double sided.

Select from A4 to A2 – specials on request

What type of posters can I use? The best results are achieved by using Dura tans/backlit inkjet graphics. These are readily available and inexpensive. Ask us for a quote if you do not have a local supplier. Alternatively just use standard paper up to 90 gsm without any watermarks, transform a copy from your photocopier into an illuminated poster.

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