Shopfit Design has a wide range of display products available that can attract new customers into your store. From LED light boxes to elegant showcases, we have products that can help you to create an engaging display that catches the eye of people passing by.

Retail displays from Shopfit

The Shopfit experts can help you to find the right displays to suit the style and aesthetic of your retail space. Light boxes use the latest technology and are an excellent way of displaying featured products. We have curved, cold cathode and ultra-slim models available, discover the full collection of LED light boxes now.

If you’re trying to increase the sales of a specific range, then utilise a display tower from Shopfit Design! Available in a range of sizes and styles, a showcase tower is a great of way of highlighting featured products. Customers are drawn closer and are more likely to be tempted into a purchase with a display tower showcase.

Shopfit is a leading supplier of Bartuf displays, perfect for convenience stores and small supermarkets. Bartuf products are innovative and aesthetically pleasing and we can help you to find the right designs to suit you. Discover our full range of Bartuf displays and shop shelving.

Lighting a retail space is incredibly important as customers are less likely to enter your shop if it is dark and products aren’t lit in a flattering way. Successful stores often have dynamic lighting to complement their attractive displays. Shopfit’s lighting and display equipment is reliable and effective, speak to one of our experts today to find out more.

Get in touch with the Shopfit team

For more information on any of the display products that we have available for purchase, please get in touch today. You can speak to a member of the Shopfit team by calling us on 01623 652724 or by contacting us online.