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Rod Displays

This Rod Display system was the first rod system to be sold in the UK over 28 years ago and has been continuously developed to include many innovative display concepts including suspended rotating displays, integrated lighting systems and digital screens.

Whatever shape or size of graphic or product you have, the rod system can be used thus giving the impression that the object or image is floating in mid-air.  The rod systems are often selected over a cable system because of its robust appearance helping to create a strong design statement.

The rod system is supplied in three diameters, 3mm rod, 6mm rod and 10 mm rod. Unlike the cable system, the rod system can be fixed back to the wall to create a rigid display, thus making it more suited to be used in busy public areas where customers are selecting their chosen products/services.

The extensive range includes rods designed for different types of ceilings and walls. Panel clamps, shelf supports and accessories including hanging and banner rail systems can be suspended onto the rod system. The rod system will also support all types of acrylic pockets, glass shelves, sloping shelves, acrylic cubes, hanging and banner rails and ultra slim light boxes.  


Style and quality are the key to the success of the rod system.


The satin chrome standard rod finish is usually available on a next day delivery. Other rod finishes are available on request.

If you would like to order in one of our other Rod Display finishes please call us on 01623 652724.