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Hairdresser and Beauty Salon Displays

Todayís hairdresser/beauty salon provides far more than just an excellent service. A major part of the business profit can come from the selling of merchandise and up selling on existing services. Hairdresser displays start from under a £100 for a simple poster display or glass shelving display a small investment like this could pay dividends.

Powerful window displays can actually have a marked effect on the number of people who walk through the door. There are many things you can do to boost traffic through your door, consider adding movement and additional lighting.

Hairdresser Poster Displays

The window display should have an appealing image in the window, but it is the way that it is presented is the key to the success. A poster stuck to the window can look very untidy very quickly. What looks really stunning is a poster display that is well illuminated this can be simply achieved by using a light just above the poster or insert the poster into a light box. Research has shown that just by adding lighting sales can actually increase by 107%.

Another way to increase traffic into your premises is to use movement. This has proved highly successful for example menís salon who used the emotion rotating display unit with a mixture of posters and shelving. The salon display gave an immediate increase of 10% of new customers coming through the door.

Click here for a detailed case study

Hairdresser Glass Shelving Displays

Suspended glass shelving is ideal for use in the window as it does not block out the light. The shelves can be positioned at any height and poster displays can be integrated into the display. Remember glass never grows old, once cleaned it will look like new even after many years of use. The benefit of using a suspended cable display or a suspended rod display it that it allows you to add posters and even low-voltage lighting within the window display thus greatly increasing the impact day or night of your window display.

The design of the window display can then be continued within the interior of the salon in the form of wall mounted cable or rod glass shelving systems. Shelving displays can be used between workstations to encourage up selling and impulse sales. It is always easier to sell something if the client can see it while the stylist is working.

Hairdresser Acrylic Cube Displays

Add a magical sparkle to your salon that will really make you stand out from the crowd. Floating acrylic cubes, is an excellent way to present merchandise of small products, this gives the salon the opportunity to sell product and costume jewellery in a secure attractive fashion. Suspended cubes can be positioned in the window or in the interior of the hair and beauty salon.

Display Equipment Installation Service

All equipment is supplied with easy to follow installation instructions. Alternatively take advantage of the national installation. All work is carried out by trained fitters and is covered by a 12 months full guarantee.