Christmas and the festive period is an exciting time for retailers everywhere! It is the time of year when people are willing to part with their cash and buy presents for their friends, families, and loved ones.


With Christmas being one of the biggest retail events, there is never such an important time of year to make sure your shop is in order. Adding Christmas decorations to your windows and in-store displays is a great way to attract attention to your store, however ensuring your products are displayed correctly and in the best way is crucial to get those Christmas sales.

Make the most of your store with Shopfit Design

Shopfit Design have the best display solutions when it comes to the interior layout of your store in the run-up to Christmas, if you already have similar products it’s important to utilise them in the right way so your products can be seen and get the most attention from Christmas shoppers.

Manage Customers

Shops get busy during the Christmas period, and without the right checkout system in place, your shop can become overwhelmed with customers queueing throughout aisles. With a queue management system in place and a practical checkout counter, you can ensure customers flow through your shop quickly and efficiently.

Bartuf Displays

Arranging your products throughout your store is important all year round, however you can cleverly arrange products to maximise your Christmas sales. With a range of Bartuf displays available from Shopfit Design, you can choose from various display units to suit your space and product needs. From magazine shelves to confectionary displays, you can arrange your stock in attractive display units throughout your store.

Bespoke Retail Furniture from Shopfit Design

Shopfit Design offer a range of products for retail stores, from shop shelving to light panels, and retail accessories, you can find exactly what you need from our range of store retail furniture. For any questions or information on the range of retail services we offer, get in touch with Shopfit Design online or call directly on 01623 652724 or 07980 657 478.

Shopfit Design would like to thank all of our wonderful customers from 2016 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for 2017. May your stores and displays continue their success in the future.