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Light Box > LED Light Boxes > A4-A1 LED Light Boxes

Why choose a LED Light Box?
Because they are:
- Ultra bright and long lasting
- LED last 20 times longer
- Save £££ís on maintenance
- Ultra bright
- Ultra slim contemporary design
- Flexible & Adaptable
- Easily changeable graphics
- Choice of sizes from A0 to A5
A4-A1 LED Light Boxes
Ref: Size Frame Size Visual Size Brightness Ballast
LBA4-LED A4 336x249x22 276x189 2200 lux 12V/0.6A CE
LBA3-LED A3 459x336x22 399x276 2400 lux 12V/1A CE
LBA2-LED A2 633x459x22 573x399 2500 lux 12V/1.5A CE
LBA1-LED A1 880x633x22 820x573 2500 lux 24V/3A

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