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Halogen Spotlighting

Highlight is a range of low-voltage halogen spotlighting designed for commercial use in retail outlets, offices, museums and exhibition stands or as feature lighting in display showcases. Top quality yet highly competitively priced directional low voltage spots can be used to create coordinated feature lighting throughout a building.

The highlight range of dichroic lamps has been especially designed to increase the lamp life. The attractive fins help to reduce the heat and the small circles around the base of the fitting, help keep the lamp cool and increases the lamp life. A highly attractive compact fitting is supplied in silver as standard. The internal lamp leads are made of silicon which is highly durable ensuring an extremely long lamp life of the fitting.

Excellent for illuminating all types of signs and graphic panels. Low voltage dichroic lamps are far better than using LED Lamps when a high level of directional light is required. A low-voltage lamp beam will give a much better spread of light and will add sparkle to the product or poster being illuminated.

How to order

1. Select a design e.g. surface, pendant or right angle to the wall.
2. Remember to order ceiling disks.
3. Select lamp wattage - 20 watts, 35 watts, 50 watts.
4. Select transformer - decide if you are going to use separate transformers for each lamp or power several from one remote transformer.