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Hook-on Acrylic Displays

The ultimate in flexible poster and leaflet or literature dispenser displays. If your display requirements are changing all the time, hook-on displays are an ideal solution. The acrylic pockets and leaflet dispensers can be removed in seconds and can be changed or swapped for another size easily.

Displays can be suspended floor to ceiling or wall mounted. Combine A5, A4, A3 and A2 acrylic poster holders with A4 leaflet dispensers or A4 and A3 sloping shelves to create a bespoke design to suit your requirements.

Ideal for use in estate agents, hairdressers and beauty salons, retail shops and stores, reception areas, exhibition stands, banks, restaurants and cafés and museums.

Hook On Ladder Acrylic Display

An extremely cost effective solution consisting of specially designed pockets hung on horizontal bars. The pockets are designed with a square hanging so they remain still on display.

Angled pockets can also be used so that lower placed information is effectively displayed.

The units are available single-sided wall-mounted or double-sided freestanding.

The Ladder System is ideal for estate agents, car showrooms, banks and exhibitions.

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