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Display Lighting

Display Lighting is an essential part of any display. The best display in the world will not work unless it is well illuminated. It is not a luxury to add display lighting is a key ingredient to increase sales and ensure a strong awareness of your message. Need proof?

We provide a range of low-voltage display lighting that can be fixed to the ceiling, or clipped directly onto the display to ensure that the light is in the correct position. The H2 head is available on all systems thus allowing total co-ordination of the display lighting.


Display Lighting needs to be flexible

All the fittings have adjustable heads, which means that the light beam can be angled to the exact spot required. The dichroic lamps can have wide or narrow beams to ensure maximum impact.

High track is a professional ultra slim low-voltage track system designed to run 24/7 and is a truly cost effective method of creating display lighting.

Highlight is a range of individual spots and pendants that can be located in the ceiling, wall mounted or fitted to a display panel.


Clip on low-voltage display lighting

A complete range of display lighting that compliments the cable and rod display system has been designed to just clip on the display just above a poster or shelf.

Need something different then ring us on 01623 652724 and we will be happy to make you a customised Display Lighting design to meet your requirements.

* Research provided by Hera Lighting on behalf of GNC Published by VM + SD 2003.