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Display & Lighting > Display Kits > Ceiling-Floor 27in Digital Screen + Light Box

Grab the attention of passers-by with 27inch Digital Screen & Single Sided Cold Cathode Light Box


 A truly cost effective way to present digital media. Supplied with everything you need for installation by a Shopfit Design approved installer, kit includes:




27inch Digital Screen


-75mm deep screen simply clips onto rod system


-27" Digital screen


-supplied with compact demo card & instructions on how to load information on the card


-120 watts/24 volt-DC


Dimensions: 774mm wide x 520mm high.








Single Sided Cold Cathode Light Box


-completely even spread of light which eliminates shadows


-invisible power supply, no ugly wires


-very light weight.  Only 25mm deep.


-extremely long lamp life up to 50,000hrs (approximately 5 years)


-use standard paper posters up to 90gsm or inkjet prints


Dimensions: 520mm wide x 400mm high. 25mm deep.


Poster size: 420mm x 297mm.


Viewing area: 418mm x 296mm.


Ceiling-Floor 27in Digital Screen + Light Box

Kits also include 2 x 3 meter long 6mm diameter stainless steel rods, 8 x RS03 supports (to connect the Digital Screen / Light Box to the rods), 2 x RS08 power connectors, and a 24V-DC transformer.




Width of display 544mm.  Installation must be carried out by a qualified installer. Installation can be arranged on request.




Patented Technology - Patent No. GB2363891


Was £2173.51 Now £2018.74

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