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Cable Display

Cable Display System


Our Cable Display system has been continuously developed to include many innovative cable display concepts including suspended light boxes, rotating displays and integrated lighting systems.

Whatever shape or size of graphic or product you have, the cable display system can be used thus giving the impression that the object or image is floating in mid-air. The cable display system is incredibly strong, a 1.5 mm cable will hold up to 120kg and a 3mm cable will hold up to 200kg



Cables designed for different types of ceilings and walls


On to the cables can be suspended panel clamps, shelf supports and accessories including hanging and banner rail systems. The cable system will support all types of acrylic pockets, glass shelves, sloping shelves, acrylic cubes, hanging and banner rails and ultra slim light boxes.

All cable display systems are not the same; the design, style and quality are the key to the success of our cable display system. All cable fittings are made of solid brass and supplied in a range of finishes.

The satin chrome standard cable finish is usually available on a next day delivery. Other cable display finishes are available on request.

If you would like to order in one of our other Cable Display finishes please call us on 01623 652724